Hotels and Dorms for LARC’19

We are providing these for your information. We have checked them out to the best of our ability and found them reasonable and clean places to stay. You must contac them directly.
You can drop an email to us on for the latest updates and more information. For any urgent matter, send a WhatsApp message or an SMS to Sarath, VU3RSB on +91-9949977388 and he will call back. Please refrain from calling him as he is handling the accommodation as a  voluntary basis.

Here are some of the options that we recommend:

Rainbow Hotel Secunderabad

We negotiated  with this hotel on 3 & 4 sharing.  Hotel located near secunderabad railway station and have quick access to move any where in the city.  Rooms are available @600 per head for two days. Click here to Book


Falcon Nest – Service Apartment

Twin sharing, across the road from the venue. Limited capacity of 12 rooms. Air conditioned with complimentary breakfast. The other block is a kilometer down the road.
Contact: Daanish, Phone :+9140-40020756|+91 9849062708 | |