Lamakaan Amateur Radio Club

A group of radio amateurs with a common goal of exchanging ideas pertaining to the latest development in amateur radio used to gather regularly at Lamakaan, a cultural centre at Hyderabad every few Sundays to begin with. Word spread out and more and more radio amateurs started flocking to this informal gathering and very soon a Radio Club was born. This was around the year 2011. When pondering over as to what to name the club and since, the get-together was being held at ‘Lamakaan’ the consensus was that the club be named as the Lamakaan Amateur Radio Club or LARC.

LARC’s founding President OM Rajan, VU2KNN (SK), was an avid homebrewer and a DXer who was very well known both in India and abroad. He was instrumental in helping the club take on a definitive role. He going Silent Key has left a void in our midst. We miss his guiding presence.

The LARC, organizes a yearly event, the Lamakaan Annual Radio Convention usually held on the 2nd Saturday and Sunday of December every year. Over the years this Radio Convention has become the mecca for all serious homebrewers.