Annual Radio Convention

Lamakaan Annual Radio Convention was born out of an intense desire by a handful of fun-loving yet serious homebrewers to come together and showcase their latest experiments with newer radio techniques, exchange information and keep abreast with developing wireless technological breakthroughs taking place around the globe and in general learn more about their trade from other fellow hams.

Set in the erstwhile land of the Nizams, the Lamakaan Annual Radio Convention, organized by Hyderabad’s Lamakaan Amateur Radio Club(LARC) in association with the Prestigious Muffakam Jah College of Engineering and Technology(MJCET), is hosted on MJCET’s sprawling campus every year.

LARC’s association with MJCET started with LARC hosting Hamfest India in 2014(HFI-14) along with MJCET, which saw a record number of delegate turnout.

From 2015 till 2017, LARC held its yearly eyeball meet at ‘Lamakaan’-the cultural hub of Hyderabad. It was during the end of 2017 that LARC decided to launch out and throw open its door to all like-minded and serious homebrewers in the ham community both pan India and abroad. And for that LARC once again teamed up with MJCET and launched the Lamakaan Annual Radio Convention in 2018.

Now into its 5th edition, Lamakaan Annual Radio Convention is literally turning out to be the Mecca for amateur radio enthusiasts.