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QSP is the official Journal of the Lamakaan Amateur Radio Club.

Only original article manuscripts that are of sufficiently high quality that meets the scope of QSP will be entertained for consideration after being peer reviewed.

As a part of the submission process you will mandatorily be required to officially affirm you are submitting your original work for publication in QSP and that it is not currently being considered elsewhere for publication nor has it already been published elsewhere, and that you have obtained all necessary permissions for the reproduction of any copyrighted works including writeup, images, tables, graphs etc from the original authors, publications or websites etc and will be able to present all required permissions if needed on demand for the reproduction of any/all copyright works that are not your own.

Signed consent form to be submitted of co-authors if any

There are no fees applicable or payable either to submit or publish in this journal-The QSP.