Lamakaan Annual Radio Convention

Registrations are closed for LARC’19 | 19th and 20th January, 2019 


Dear Hams and SWLs,

I am pleased to invite you to the second annual convention of Lamakaan Amateur Radio Club. To be held at MJCET, Hyderabad. Take time to read through this page and the schedule. We have lined up many interesting events to make this your best convention experience. 

Registration fee is kept at Rs.250  making it affordable to everyone. LARC neither seeks any funding nor wants it. Instead, we manage with whatever the delegates can contribute. So, please help yourself. 

We will be setting up an amazing flea market that will sell many transceiver kits, PCBs, torroids, used rigs, antennas, etc. The entire schedule is packed up with really great and very interesting talks and over half a dozen demonstrations right from building real satellites to setting up antennas. 

  • Food: Lunch is provided on both days, tea is available round the clock. First day you will have the traditional Telugu Lunch (Veg) and on the second day the famous Hyderabadi Biryani (Veg/Chicken, your choice at registration)
  • Accommodation: We are selecting some OYOROOM deals for reasonably priced accomodation near the venue. If accomodations are too expensive, contact Sarath to see if we can accomodate you with local hams. The details will appear soon.
  • Travel:  We will have volunteers at the railway stations, airport and the bus station on the morning of 19th to guide you to the venue or to your place of stay.  

Here are the brief highlights:

  1. Technical sessions: We have a two days packed with the best brains of India talking and showing how to work with, satellites, designing antennas on PCs, etc. 
  2. Homebrew Contest: Grab an all band HF uBITX transceiver kit as the first prize and a 40 meter BITX SSB transceiver kit as the second prize. The contest is open to all delegates. Bring your homebrew project and enter into the contest (No matter whether it is a TRX or a simple oscillator or any piece of test equipment)
  3. Flea Market: Buy project PCBs, toroids, tools, cables, accessories, junk, pre owned radios and many more.
  4. Club Night:  Talk about your club activities, show off your projects, events and club members’ rigs.
  5. Antenna Analyzer workshop: Buid your own antenna analyzer to tune your antennas with Farhan.
  6. uBITX workshop: For Rs.8500, you can build your own all band HF transceiver in one evening with Sasi. Bring your tools and wire up the board!
  7. Eyeball: Buy and sell, meet and greet and watch great demonstrations of radio control flying, working satellites, putting up hex-beams and many more 

I hope to see you at LARC’19 soon.

Rajan, VU2KNN


The venue of LARC’19 is the lovely campus of the Muffakham Jah College of Engineering and Technology in the heart of Banjara Hills. It was the summer retreat of the Nizam and called the Mount Pleasant. The MJCET are our co-hosts for this event.

You can search the maps for MJCET or just ask for directions to Road 3, Banjara Hills.

Flea Market

The LARC’19 flea market promises to be have a very large selection of homebrew equipment, second hand rigs, parts and accessories.

  • PCB Sale from LARC’s shop and other transceivers kits.
  • RF cables from Techno-cables
  • Toroids, ferrites
  • Antennas for sale
  • Rigs for sale

Do you want to book a table for yourself in the flea-market? Let us know and we will keep one for you.  Send an SMS to +91-81064-16614

Homebrew Contest

Have you built anything lately? Antenna, accessory or a transceiver? Enter any homebrew equipment for the contest .

  • First prize, an all-band 10 watt HF uBITX transceiver kit.
  • Second prize, a 7 watts SSB HF BITX40 transceiver


The workshops have to be prepaid and booked for at the registration time.

  • Antenna Analyser.
    Farhan, VU2ESE will lead a workshop to build your own Antenna Analyzer (₹3500)
  • Tube Audio Amplifier
    Sinosh, VU2LN will lead a workshop to build a HiFi valve audio amplifier with EL84s
  • Ubitx Workshop
    Sasi, VU3ELR will lead a workshop build a uBITX in a professional box

Club Night

Jan 19th, 9 PM onwards. Not interested in any of the workshops? Join the club night where all the participating clubs do their own show-n-tell. Bring the projects of your club along and you can show and dicuss them. Each club gets their own table.

Eyeball Meet, Janury 20th (Sunday)

Eyeballs are for meeting and greeting and buying and selling your stuff! Have a great time watching the demos or listening to Dr. Naidu talk about his stand-alone SDR.


This is a partial list of session (more as soon as they are confirmed)

Antenna Session
Designing Antennas with a PC (Modelling) by Aravind, VU2AB
40/20 dual-band dipole by Gurudatta, VU3GDP
IoIo Antenna for Satellites by Paddy, VU2PEP
Satellite Antennas by George, VU2GT

Homebrew Session
Homebrewing Valve Audio Amps by Sinosh, VU2LN and Peter, VU2TSF
A new Dualband transceiver by Rahul, VU3WJM
Remote Operating your station by Sasi, VU3ELR

Digital Session
Arduino for Amateurs by Farhan, VU2ESE
3D printing for Amateurs by Rayyan, VU3RYN
Remote Operating your station by Sasi, VU3ELR
WSPR the weak signal propagation tool by Charu, VU2UPX

Satellites Session
Building the Exseed Sat by Farhan, VU2ESE
Amateur Satellite Regulations in India by Nitin, VU3TYG
Working the Satellites by Prashant, VU2PSQ

Measurements and Tool
Tools for Amateurs by Thomas, VU3UGT
How and Why of Antenna Analyzers by Shekhar, VUHMY
Scalar Network Analyzer by Gurudatta, VU3GDP

EmComm Session
Organising Emergency Communications by Sarath, VU3RSB
Drones for Flood Relief by Kavi, VU2UAV
Kerala Flood Relief Operation by Suwil, VU2IT