Dear Hams and SWLs,

I am pleased to invite you to the first annual convention of Lamakaan Amateur Radio Club. To be held at MJCET, Hyderabad. Take time to read through this page and the schedule. We have lined up many interesting events to make this your best convention experience. 

Registration fee is kept very low to make it affordable to everyone. LARC neither seeks any funding nor wants it. Instead, we manage with whatever the delegates can contribute. So, please help yourself. 

We will be setting up an amazing flea market that will sell many transceiver kits, PCBs, torroids, used rigs, antennas, etc. The entire schedule is packed up with 12 really great and very interesting talks and over half a dozen demonstrations right from using Baofeng radios for satellites to stand-alone SDRs. 

  • Food: A simple lunch is provided on both days, tea is available round the clock. If you want the famous Hyderabadi Biryani, you can preorder it on the registration page which will be served on 26th. (We won’t be able to arrange for it for spot registrations)
  • Accommodation: We are making few arrangements for stay close to the venue. The details will appear soon.
  • Travel:  We will have volunteers at the railway stations, airport and the bus station on the morning of 26th to guide you to the venue or to your place of stay.  

Here are the brief highlights:

  1. 12 sessions: On the 26th, we have a day packed with the best brains of India talking and showing how to work with Raspberry PI, satellites, designing antennas on PCs, etc. 
  2. Homebrew Contest: Grab an all band HF transceiver as the first prize and a 40 meter SSB transceiver as the second prize. The contest is open to all delegates. Bring your homebrew project and enter into the contest (No matter whether it is a TRX or a simple oscillator or any piece of test equipment)
  3. Eyeball Contest: Take a VHF/UHF handheld transceiver by logging the largest number of signatures on the eyeball day.
  4. Flea Market: Buy project PCBs, toroids, tools, cables, accessories, junk, pre owned radios and many more.
  5. Club Night:  Talk about your club activities, show off your projects, events and club members’ rigs.
  6. KiCad workshop: Bring your laptop and learn to design PCBs with SP Bhatnagar’s night workshop.
  7. uBITX workshop: For Rs.7000, you can build your own all band HF transceiver in one evening with Farhan. Bring your tools and wire up the board!
  8. Eyeball: Buy and sell, meet and greet and watch great demonstrations of radio control flying, working satellites, putting up hex-beams and many more 

I hope to see you at LARC’18 soon.

Rajan, VU2KNN (President, LARC)

Venue : MJCET

The venue of LARC’18 is the lovely campus of the Muffakham Jah College of Engineering and Technology in the heart of Banjara Hills. It was the summer retreat of the Nizam and called the Mount Pleasant. The MJCET are our co-hosts for this event.

You can search the maps for MJCET or just ask for directions to Road 3, Banjara Hills.

Picture of MJCET from the 2014 hamfest

Flea Market

The LARC’18 flea market promises to be have a very large selection of homebrew equipment, second hand rigs, parts and accessories.

  • PCB Sale from LARC’s shop  for BITX20, Norcal40 and other transceivers
  • RF cables from Techno-cables
  • Toroids, ferrites
  • Old junk from VU2LB, VU2OO and others with large junkboxes
  • Antennas for sale
  • Rigs for sale

Do you want to book a table for yourself in the flea-market? Let us know and we will keep one for you.  Send an SMS to +91-81064-16614

Homebrew Contest

Have you built anything lately? Antenna, accessory or a transceiver? Enter any homebrew equipment for the contest . Delegates get to vote and you can win!

  • First prize, an all-band 10 watt HF uBITX transceiver kit.
  • Second prize, a 7 watts SSB HF BITX40 transceiver

Eyeball contest

Collect signatures from every delegate. Whoever gets most signatures will win this contest. Winner takes a new 2M, dual-band handy!

Seminar, January 26th (Friday) 

An all-day long seminar with the top hams of the country talking about Antennas, Satellites, Raspberry Pis, Cubesats,  and more.


  • uBITX workshop (with Farhan, VU2ESE) Jan 26th, 9 PM onwards. Build your uBITX in  few hours with Farhan’s help. The entire kit, all components will be provided. Just get your tools (VOM, soldering iron, 12v linear power supply, cutter, pliers, stripper, solder and a screwdriver). You must preregister for this (on the registration form).
  • Learn to make PCBs (with SP Bhatnagar, VU2SPF) Jan 26th, 9 PM onwards design your own PCBs using KiCad (the free software). The workshop is free, but you have to bring your own laptop with the latest KiCad installed on it.

Club Night,

Jan 26th, 9 PM onwards. Not interested in any of the workshops? Join the club night where all the participating clubs do their own show-n-tell. Bring the projects of your club along and you can show and dicuss them. Each club gets their own table.

Eyeball Meet, Janury 27th (Saturday)

Eyeballs are for meeting and greeting and buying and selling your stuff! Have a great time watching the demos or listening to Dr. Naidu talk about his stand-alone SDR.


This is only a partial list :

  • Stand-alone SDR (Naidu, VU2ZAZ)
  • uBITX transceiver (Farhan, VU2ESE)
  • Antenna making: Hexbeam, 9-band, Butternut vertical (Aravind, VU2ABS)
  • Radio Control flying (Kavi, VU2UAV)
  • Satellite Communications with AO-91, (Nitin, VU3TYG)

LARC’18 Schedule

Full Sechdule

January 26th

8:30 – 11:00 Check-ins for the LARC’18, registration desk opens
 How the Cubesats work by Farhan, VU2ESE 10:00- 10:45 AM
The amateur satellites are like portable radios in the sky. What goes into making them? VU2ESE, who has been involved in Hamsat-2 design will provide an hands-on talk on how they work.
Raspberry Pi for Hams by Dev, VU2DEV 10:45- 11:30 AM
Dev shows us how to setup the low-cost Raspberry pi as a beacon, SDR and more in this practical demo and talk. Dev is a guru to many of us and he enjoys making things simple.
Building linear Amplifiers, Krishna Kumar, VU3NKK 11:30-12:15 PM
NKK is famous for his linear amplifiers across India and the world. He will share the secrets of making good linear amplifiers with valves and semiconductors. Learn what it takes to put out a big gun signal.
Designing Antennas on a PC, Aravind, VU2ABS 12:15-1:00 PM
We all want better antenna without spending money. Aravind is our antenna guru. In this talk, he shows how you can design and test antennas using only your PC without actually building them!
Working AMSAT AO-91, Nitin VU3TYG 2:30-3:15 PM
AO-91 has gotten us all excited. Learn how to configure your handies to work this satellite. Find out the best antenna and how to operate the satellite from India’s leading satellite expert!
The Norcal QRP CW transceiver, Rahul VU3WJM 3:15-4:00 PM
Want to work CW QRP? Norcal CW transceiver is the best. The original was designed by Wayne, the Elecraft founder.  Rahul has redesigned the original transceiver with Indian components. Learn more about this tiny transceiver and how it works. (PCBs will be available)
How to win FoxHunts, Pratap VU2POP 4:30-5:15 PM
We all love to hunt foxes. What are the technqiues, tricks and equipment needed? Listen to Pratap to prepare for the next fox hunt.
Setting up WebSDR,  Suresh VU2XSK 5:15-6:00 PM
WebSDR puts SDR on the net. Listen to the bands from your browser! Suresh has setup www.websdr.in and he talks about how to setup your own personal or club websdr.
Digital  Control for your Homebrew, Bhatnagar VU2SPF 6:00-6:45 PM
Adding digital control, DDS or PLL is now so much easier. Bhatnagar shows off his new digital controller board that costs just a few hundred rupees and how it can easily control any analog radio.
The exam fee of Rs.1100/- can be paid directly to the a/c number given below:
IDBI savings A/c: No:0151104000060385 IFSC code:IBKL0000151.​
Contact :Suresh Kumar Arekepudi – VU2IPL (Mobile: +91 8985068899) for more details.
Break for Dinner
9:00 pm onwards Club Night.
9:00 pm KiCAD workshop by VU2SPF, Prof. Bhatnagar

January 27th – Eyeball Meet

10:00 AM Eyeball Welcome by Rajan, VU2KNN

10:30 AM Radio Control Flying by Kavirasu, VU2UAV
A passionate ham and an airplane model flyer, Kavi will give a demonstration of flying planes with radio control
 11:15 AM Designing of Antennas using Simulation Tools. by Dr. M. Ranga Rao, VU3UEH
12:00 AM Building Standalone VUSDR by Dr. Naidu, VU2ZAZ,
We all love SDRs but they need a PC! Dr. Naidu, who gave us the VUSDR, presents his lastest standalone SDR that has all the software inside the box. It is SDR without an external PC.
1:30 pm uBITX workshop in Hall 2
2:30 pm Homebrew Prize Distribution, Auction
3:00 pm Closing session, Town house meeting (any topic that you want!)
27th Demonstrations :
Working AMSAT : Guru and Nitin
RC Flying : Kavi
Hexbeam Antenna and Butternut Vertical : Arvind
Portable Operation with Endfed Half-wave Antenna: Farhan