About Us

Lamakaan Amateur Radio Club was formed in 2011 by a group of radio amateurs who regularly met at Lamakaan, the cultural center at Hyderabad. The club’s is focused on promoting the amateur radio as a personal science, sport, a social hobby and a relaxing pastime.
It’s founding President was Rajan, VU2KNN (SK), A ham well known to be a home brewer and DXer.
The LARC, organizes a yearly convention, the Lamakaan Annual Radio Convention, it also publishes QSP, a quarterly journal that is available only to its members.

LARC has produced many open source radios that are well known across the international ham community. The BITX20, VUSDR, BITX40 and uBITX are some of them. The members are encouraged to experiment, build and operate radios, antennas.

Many of our members, have been honoured internationally for their contributions to Amateur Radio. Sarath, VU3RSB, was present at the Andaman Islands during the terrible tsunmai of 2004. He was an International Visiting Leadership Fellow of the United States government. Ashhar Farhan, VU2ESE has been inducted into the QRP hall of fame in 2017.